MAP provides the training and education programs needed to effectively conserve and restore these vital ecosystems, to help coastal communities and reduce the effects of climate change.

First brought to you by Mangrove Action Project (MAP) in 2015, Mangrove Photography Awards serves as a storytelling platform for people immersed in the world of mangroves and their conservation.

Over the last 10 years, the Awards has grown from strength to strength, receiving international media coverage from renowned publications such as BBC News and the Guardian and being endorsed as an official UN Ocean Decade programme.

Found in 118 countries around the tropics, mangroves are some of the most carbon-rich ecosystems – and one of the world’s biggest allies against climate change. Yet despite helping to reduce global rising temperatures, prevent food shortages for millions around the world and protect the planet’s biodiversity, they’re still considered by many as undervalued wastelands.

Mangrove Photography Awards was founded and is directed by filmmaker and MAP’s Creative Director Leo Thom to tell a different story. This competition gives photographers of all ages and abilities a unique platform to shine a light on moments and stories from these unique ecosystems.

Showcasing the extraordinary wildlife, highlighting intimate human relationships, exposing threats that endanger our forests and revealing conservation successes – these are more than just images; they offer an insight into ways we can protect and repair mangrove habitats.

Mangrove Photography Awards highlights six categories that intrinsically connect mangrove forests, wildlife, and people. Winners are awarded in each category, with additional Mangrove Photographer of the Year and Young Mangrove Photographer of the Year prizes.

With winners announced on World Mangrove Day, the competition showcases the power of storytelling for engaging people in causes that benefit people and the planet.

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